DAR BPA # FA8771-07-A-0310

Government-Buys and WinMagic awarded DAR BPA for Security Encryption Software:
Contract# FA8771-07-A-0310 – Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) under GSA’s Multiple Award Schedule Contract – GS-35F-0122S, awarded as an “Enterprise Software Agreement (ESA) under the DoD Enterprise Software Initiative (ESI) and GSA SmartBUY program in accordance with a commercial item offer by the Schedule contractor in response to the Government’s Data at Rest (DAR) Encryption RFQ.
The BPA expires five years after award.  The BPA will be reviewed annually to ensure that it still represents a “best value”.
This contract has been designated as a DoD ESI and GSA SmartBUY ESA and is open for ordering by all United States Executive Agencies, Independent Establishments, Department of Defense (DoD) Components, NATO, State and Local Agencies, FMS (with written authorization) and contractors authorized to order in accordance with the FAR Part 51.

The Data At Rest (DAR) BPA offers WinMagic SecureDoc.  WinMagic enterprise Encryption solution for security.  It handles laptops, desktops and removable media such as USB drives, external hard drives, and optical media including CDs, DVDs and floppy drives

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